Introducing CamelTrainTM

The CamelTrain™  is the first all-membrane, ​nanofiltration-based portable water purification unit on the market. Our portable system is a high-tech WALL that forces water through microscopic pores. The unit configuration ranges from .01 nanometers (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter) to .001 nanometers in size effectively free from all microbial and organic and inorganic pollution. 

Advantages of CamelTrainTM

  • It’s easy to use: just connect hose(s) and attach power
  • Stackable units emit up to 600 gph of filtered water each
  • Removes viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals
  • Naturally “softens” water by retaining scale-forming Hydrated divalent ions
  • Has low energy requirements
  • Runs from AC/DC and solar power
  • High pH tolerance
  • Portable units capable of being carried, pulled and backpacked

CamelTrain™ operates within custom-formed high-strength polymer cases, which are engineered to protect the components from the harshest conditions. Each unit features two rugged double-wide handles for easy steering and team lifting, and a telescopic handle for pulling, and backpack straps for our Expedition version. CamelTrain™ is designed to either be moved individually or stacked in multiples and transported on pallets. This is essential where portability is required for remote villages, emergency response, battlefield troops looking to purify surface water, or more ​​point-of-use applications such as converting “gray” water in boats, recreational vehicles, camp sites, homes, or hotels.

One unit can provide water hydration for 17,000 people *daily.

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