Life is wonderful… the way it can nudge you in the direction it wants you to go.

One day, a portable car wash vendor asked if my automobile needed washing. He was towing a 300-gallon tank of water behind his pickup truck. After inquiring about the huge tank, he told me that he typically used about 15 gallons of water to clean each car and that was only enough to wash 20 vehicles before he had to replenish his water supplies. I asked him why he did not recapture and purify the water so that it could last all day. He replied that any such device would add several hundred pounds to his load and would cost him thousands of additional dollars.​

It was at that moment I decided to use my scientific background to create a lower-cost and more portable water purifier. It took me a year and a half to create a truly portable device that was capable of separating the dirt, oil, various forms of other matter, and most importantly, the very small soap molecule from water.

Shortly after achieving my goal of creating the CamelTrain™, I read an article called Sick Water” that described the role of wastewater management in sustainable development. I quickly realized there were much more important things that the CamelTrain™ could do than helping to clean cars. So I made a life-changing course correction!

Life… you can now consider me nudged!​

–​​Nimon Bondurant

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